Stephen Ruth – The Red Light Robin Hood


Stephen is a 42 year old citizen of Suffolk County, NY who is helping the public and saving lives by disabling unsafe, revenue-driven red light cameras.

He is also now running for State Senate in District 2, on Long Island, as a Libertarian.  He submitted nearly 11,000 petition signatures in support of his campaign, from the people in his district.

Stephen is fighting to restore constitutional government, and stop the huge government overreach in our local and state government. He has testified repeatedly to the Suffolk County legislature about red light cameras, and the legislators who ignored not only his testimony, and the testimony of many others, but also the evidence he presented against the cameras.

So he decided that if our elected representatives would not listen to their constituents, and were only interested in taking revenue from the hard working, law-abiding citizens of Suffolk, then they should be kicked out and replaced by legislators that actually listen to their districts, and obey the Constitution.

After talking to several parties, Stephen approached the Suffolk County Libertarian Party, who endorsed him as their candidate for State Senate District 2, in the Smithtown, St. James, Stonybrook, and Port Jefferson area. The amount of support from the people of District 2 has been overwhelmingly positive, and Stephen is ready to work as hard as he can to allow the constituents of his district to live without interference, bureaucratic overreach, and theft of their hard-earned money through schemes like the red light cameras, who’s major purpose is clearly revenue for the county, even at the cost of human lives.

Stephen is also very interested in the shenanigans with the county Legislature versus the county Comptroller, where the oversight of the controller’s position has been reduced or eliminated, and many of the other things the state and county legislatures are doing to the citizens they represent.

But as energetic as Stephen is, he can not do it all by himself. He is fighting the felony charges, and the over one hundred years of jail time the politicians want to impose for his act of protest, as well as the corrupt political machine that tries to stop any candidates that try to change the current, broken, political system.

Stephen needs YOUR help.

Can YOU help him?

WILL YOU help him?