Stephen Ruth is best known for his “Red Light Robin Hood” crusade against how Red Light Cameras are being used in Suffolk County and elsewhere to earn revenue for the county and city governments, while people are being injured and killed in these same intersections. He has gained massive support from the people in his district, and is out on the streets every day, putting the real story of what is going on to the voters in District 2.

There are also many other issues he has dedicated himself to fight for or against, for his constituents.

Stephen has seen the cost of the constant, unending spending by the politicians in New York and in Suffolk County. The ridiculously high and unfair taxes that this overspending causes are crippling our citizens, driving our children away to other states, and leaving empty shells where our homes and businesses used to be. This crazy spending must end. We are not cash machines that the county and state can just grab money from whenever they want. If WE have to live within a budget, so must THEY. Stephen Ruth will fight them each and every time they try to waste our money, and let YOU know what the politicians are doing up in Albany.

There are so many corrupt and useless programs that need to go in New York, like the so-called “Common Core”. It is simply the federal government pushing aside the local school boards, in favor of crony corporations, fake and artificial standards, and testing that can be manipulated by the politicians for their corrupt purposes, and teaching methods that are literally designed to “dumb down” our children. It must go, and local control needs to be reasserted across the state.

The failure of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) across the entire nation is clear to everyone except the government that rammed it down our throats, and manipulated the Supreme Court to claim it was constitutional. It is simply a step on the way to a full government takeover of healthcare, and anyone who has seen the Veterans Administration health care system in action should be terrified of what is coming next for everyone in these United States. Crazy laws, skyrocketing prices, and using government agencies to force healthy people to pay for insurance the do not want, or simply cannot afford, is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to get government OUT of the healthcare business, and seek a sane solution.

Everyone knows that the New York State government is corrupt to its core, but everyone says that nothing can be done about it. Look at the Moreland Commission – An anti-corruption commission, shut down when it started to find corruption in the very government that created it! Stephen Ruth is not a politician, he is a crusader that will root out the corruption and force these criminals out into the open, where the people can see just what they are doing to us, and then have them arrested, or VOTE THEM OUT.

Victimless crimes are wasting the resources of our police, our courts and our jails, and ruining the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. The “War On Drugs” has not worked for 40 years now. Stop treating the “War On Drugs” as a war, and realize many of these people are victims, and need medical help, rather than a criminal record, a jail cell, and no future for the rest of their lives. Decriminalize casual users, and get the addicts help, rather than an arrest record, and we can reduce drug use and add-on crime with the money we save from ending the imprisoning of people that have not hurt anyone else.

Stephen believes in the Constitution of These United States, and will fully “support and defend” it. ALL politicians take the oath of office, and very, very few ever support the very paper that gives them their authority. Some don’t even understand its very clear and concise language. Stephen understands the Constitution, and will honor his oath to it during his term in office. For example, Amendment number four:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”

So where do certain law-enforcement agencies get the authority to stop people (the VAST majority African American and Latino) on the street without cause, and “frisk” them? That is what dictatorships do, not a country that believes in personal freedom. This policy must end.

The right of Americans to defend their homes and their families is sacrosanct. And no government can take that right away, without breaking the contract that it made with those same citizens. We all have the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our homes from anyone, even the corrupt politicians. And that is why they try to take away those rights in exchange for “security”, which is a fraud and an illusion. Stephen defends your rights to defend yourself, and he always will.

There will be those that will tell you, “What’s the difference, nothing will change if Stephen Ruth is elected”. But Stephen Ruth has done more than talk the talk. He has stood up, and said to the politicians and their cronies, “NO MORE”. He has taken ACTION to fight them, rather than just mouthing nice words, and then doing the exact opposite, like those that claim to support the 2nd Amendment, and then vote for the SAFE Act, just like the officeholder Stephen will be throwing OUT OF OFFICE, with YOUR help.

Stand up, and fight for your rights as an American. Stand up and fight for your rights as a New Yorker. Stand up and fight alongside Stephen Ruth to elect him to the State Senate in District 2.