Now They Just Steal Credit, Without Actually Doing Anything…

Celebrating a victory over red light cameras

Celebrating at a home BBQ with Frank Vetro (Candidate, Suffolk LD-6), Bob Schuon (Candidate Suffolk LD-17), and the Suffolk County Libertarian Party, who endorsed me for office! The corrupt are deserting the sinking red light camera ship, and the former advocates of the program are racing to distance themselves from the revenue program that is masquerading as a safety program. News 12 and Newsday are now putting up article after article talking about bringing the Red Light Cameras to a halt.

There is ONE person you can thank for this, the Red Light Robin Hood!

Now, I am starting my biggest challenge yet, kicking out the crooks in Suffolk County Legislative District 4. Support my campaign, and get rid of the corruption, the lies, and the theft of YOUR money via these unconstitutional and unsafe programs, administered by out of state corporations, with little or no oversight from the people or government of Suffolk County. All of a sudden, all the politicians are claiming it’s THEIR idea to stop the Red Light Cameras. But who was arrested? Who stood up and fought for the people of Suffolk County? Only one person stood up for YOU, with the support of only a few. Now, help get all of us into office, to FINISH THE JOB.

Bob Schuon