Lies, Damn Lies, And Then There Is The Long Island So-Called “Newspaper”

From Stephen Ruth:

NEWSDAY’s political advocacy stating that I have been convicted of a felony, without stating that I will be pleading to a misdemeanor, is intended to sway the citizens of Suffolk’s Legislative District 4 away from voting for me. I am a candidate who is owned by nobody. I am seeking a legislative seat to improve the lives of everyday citizens and make it more economically feasible to live in my district and county.

1.) I have not had a restitution hearing.

2.) There’s still an investigation underway regarding the lack of signatures on all of the installation plans for the red light cameras throughout Suffolk County.

3.) The county is withholding accident data pertaining to the red light camera program since 2014. In other words, the 2015 accident data from the annual report is still not being disclosed.

I publicly ask NEWSDAY for a retraction and apology.

TO NEWSDAY: why has NEWSDAY chosen not to conduct a Pulitzer Prize investigative report on Suffolk County’s Red Light Camera Danger Program. Everyone knows it’s all about the revenue and built by Xerox , in concert with engineers and instituted by Suffolk County , in violation of NYS EDUCATION LAW article 145 section 7201, without certified engineering plans.

Why has NEWSDAY chosen not to report on the SUFFOLK LEGISLATURE’S failure to suspend and or terminate the red light camera Danger Program after 2 years of advocacy and legal opinions demonstrating REVENUE is not as important as the safety and welfare of Suffolk County residents?

Where is Newsday’s investigative journalism into Xerox , Nelson and Pope and Gil Anderson PE, who accepted drawings for the entire program rather than certified engineering plans? Which is in violation of New York State education law article 145 section 7201 which states all red light cameras need the signatures and stamps of licensed engineers?



The push is on to discredit and destroy anyone that wants to stop the corruption and crooked politics in Suffolk County. Show the political bosses that you have HAD ENOUGH of the garbage. Support Stephen, subscribe to his newsletter, donate to his campaign, SHOW UP ON THE STREETS WITH HIM, and most especially, VOTE FOR HIM IN THE PRIMARIES AND GENERAL ELECTION.

Enough said?