Ignores The Cameras, But Not The Deaths

Thank you Senator LaValle.

Your letter to the NYS DOT does not address the The Suffolk County Red Light Camera Program with XEROX Local and State Solutions Inc.

Since the death of 16 year old John Luke at this intersection in 2015 , advocates have been asking for suspension of the program until an investigation is complete regarding widespread reports, documentation and litigation over short yellow lights engineered to enhance revenue.

Further, the entire program did not require certified engineering plans for red light cameras at all intersections under the Program .
This is unlawful under NYS EDC LAW SEC 7209.

The program is payed entirely by XEROX , who pays for the engineering plans , installers and NYS DOT who time the lights under the MUTCD. This is a discretionary guideline that has been used to enhance revenue by forcing red light running.

On behalf of your constituents please look further into this matter of reduced yellow Amber times at all red light camera intersections since 2010.

Please have an independent investigation on how red light cameras affect drivers making left turns and straight through driving behavior.

If you feel NYS DOT, based upon a conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety, cannot conduct an investigation of this matter based upon the above, please refer this matter to the US ATTORNEYS OFFICE , WHITE PLAINS, NY.

Bob Schuon