To All Of My Supporters And Friends

Stephen Ruth with a few of his supporters

I would like to personally thank you for your help and support during my run for State Senate in District 2.

Fighting the corrupt and entrenched Suffolk political machine is no easy task. During this campaign, I was able to reach so many of you in Suffolk and elsewhere, and demonstrate how the red light camera program is clearly NOT about safety, but is mainly about stealing more revenue from the hard working people of Suffolk, to feed the endless appetite of Suffolk County politicians and their cronies.

While we did not gain the office, we showed that the working people CAN stand up and be heard. That we CAN make a difference in our local and state politics.

The fight is not over. The politicians are already plotting to raise surcharges, add more fees, and arrest and imprison those who can least afford to pay these unjust and unconstitutional “tickets”. In addition, they want to grant immunity from lawsuits to the prosecutors for the traffic agency, so that when they illegally arrest people (the agency is tasked with CIVIL, not criminal offenses), they cannot be held accountable, and also have the Taxpayers of Suffolk County pay for the costs of any such defense of these officials!

We need to enact term limits to all county and state elected offices, to keep our so-called “representatives” from making political office a lifetime career, with exemption from laws that they ram down OUR throats, like the ACA (Obamacare), the SAFE Act, and anything else that they want to avoid during their empire-building, in both Riverhead and Albany.

I will ALWAYS fight for the people of Suffolk County and New York, and I will KEEP fighting, until we can stop the red light and speed cameras, restore our constitutional rights and liberty in our county, and in our state.

Your Red Light Robin Hood,

Stephen Ruth


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